A former Area 51 scientist stated that “we are working with an extraterrestrial race in terms of technology.”



This 71-year-old retired engineer has stated numerous times throughout his career that he formerly served for Area 51 on a regular basis. He said in recent interviews that he was present when they ultimately apprehended an alien that was being detained there.


As you can see right off the bat, Bill Uhouse was the engineer we mentioned above; he is very informative about what’s going on behind Area 51’s locked doors.


He spoke on many occasions about the alien nicknamed “JRod” that was kept there, but he could never get the recognition he received, but when he died in 2009, one of the best whistleblowers of all time essentially lost the planet. You can see an immense underground structure full of alien technologies in this photo that he posted. The engineers working for Area 51 are working effectively on reverse engineering all the alien tech that they can get through their hands.



According to Bill, they refer to aliens as EBE, or Extraterrestrial Biological Beings, though most of them are not humanoids. The Greys, the Tall Northern aliens, and the Reptilians are the ones that we know about. The Greys, as you have the tall Greys, the tiny Greys, and the medium Greys, are all graded by height. In his last interview, Bill stated that we had a peace treaty signed during the ruling of President Eisenhower between the UU of the USA, which is why we keep them secret while getting more advanced technologies on a daily basis as well.

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