“Archaeologists Perplexed by Unearthing of Puzzling Extraterrestrial Skull, Sparking Reassessment of Human Origins”

In the vast territories of Africa, an incredible find has shaken the foundations of our official history. An alien skull, of unknown origin, has been unearthed, stumping archaeologists and challenging everything we thought we knew about our origins.

Many people assume that humans are the only race to have inhabited the planet; however, a new finding seems to refute this view.

A skull has been discovered in Africa that has a physiognomy and bone structure comparable to that of a person, but also has several distinctive features that make it impossible to belong to a human being.

this finding has sparked much debate and has sparked much thought and conjecture.

One of these ideas is that the discovery is a hoax and that the features of the skull have been modified. However, if we assume the skull is genuine, it would be around 14 million years old and contain a significant amount of iridium, a material commonly found in meteorites.

Do you think this find has anything to do with, say, the mummies discovered in Peru? Or could it be proof of the presence of aliens? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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