Is this a strange plasma anomaly or is this evidence of Project Blue Beam hologram activity?

On Facebook, a video from Arizona, in the United States, has amassed a large following. A sudden burst of brilliant blue light can be seen in the footage, which looks to be connected to at least one capsule.

It seems conceivable that the light is coming from rockets at the bottom of the capsule since the intense blue resembles plasma. People in the comments seem frightened.

The strange thing about this sighting is that there is no conventional explanation for it. If there is any doubt that this burst of light is lightning, it is a type of lightning bolt that has never before been observed. The “cloud shapes” above it, if it is illumination, have never been observed previously.

There hasn’t been any media coverage of the incident, maybe because there isn’t a good reason for it and they don’t want to scare people. The infamous Blue Beam Project and the potential changes it would bring to the world are the subject of one of the most popular current conspiracy theories.

The goal of the New World Order’s pet project, Blue Beam, is to recreate a post-apocalyptic environment and reveal the world’s new rulers. Conspiracy theories typically predict that Blue Beam will have four phases.

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