Kidnapping To UFO: Human And Alien Clones?

Almost all nations’ sacred books and legends speak of special beings that are not the product of evolution. We can read about them in the Bible, Jewish, Persian, Arabic, Indian, Egyptian, or Tibetan holy books. We learn from them that once on the earth were Titans or other half-human, half-animal monsters.

Most of the time, they were two-sex beings reproducing only within their species, but sexually living with whom they could.

They were created as genetic experiments of extraterrestrials, extraterrestrial beings, somewhat involuntarily, as a by-product of human creation, ie beings intended to serve “gods” (such people called Sumerian texts as adam). It is also argued that the experiments were out of control for the gods.

It is known that even historically credible historians have written about hybrids that existed in the past. Their chronicles are a fundamental source of knowledge about ancient times for archaeologists.

One of them was Maneton, living millennia ago, the chief priest and scribe of Egypt. As an insider, he wrote the chronicle of Egypt in which he lists all the gods and later the kings ruling this country.


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