Mysterious creature – people discovered mysterious creature believed to be alien while walking on the riverbank

Top 10 mysterious & scary creature caught on camera creepy unidentified creatures videosyou never know when something is lurking in the distance, following. 5 creepy cryptid sightings caught on camera & spotted irl. 14. the loch ness monster. the loch ness monster imagined as an ancient plesiosaur.

if bigfoot is the world’s most famous cryptid, the loch ness monster is a close second. it got its name in the 1930s, but stories about the scottish creature trace back to the sixth century. From a monster filmed in a car park to an alien shape shifter spotted in a south american cave, we count 10 mysterious creatures caught on camera.subscribe:.  watch our most recent videos:scary mysteries that you will scared to dark p7fcick7wk8 sya 9xf4mog nl8h1

This creepy photo of a skinwalker went viral in 2014 and left people baffled. the image was taken by a geologist working in new mexico. netizens assumed it was a skinwalker because it shared similar traits to the shapeshifting creature from native american folklore. eventually, people assumed it was a prop from the 80s sci fi film “xtro.”but is.

What made hogzilla part of our list of mysterious creatures spotted on camera is its size. though it is far from the alleged 12 feet length, it was still an amazing animal that was caught on camera. weighing approximately 800 pounds, with length of 6.9 to 8.6 feet, hogzilla was beyond the average pig’s size. 4. big foot.

Whatever this creature is, it’s otherworldly, and unexplainable. 12. scary sea creature. via: . a camera located deep within the ocean and owned by an oil company caught something strange on one of its cameras. this squid like creature was caught on their cameras around the gulf of mexico. Top 10 cryptids and [unknown creatures]what’s going on, welcome to another top 10 horrors of the world tonight, join me as we talk about the monsters, be.

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