Severe Warning: Do not contact aliens or they will destroy the human race.


Professor Stephen Hawking issued a disturbing warning against first contact with aliens, claiming that if this occurred, the aliens would slaughter humans and take over the planet.

Hawking believes aliens will not accept initial contact with Earth humans and has advised humanity to be cautious when making contact. He then went on to discuss the planet Gliese 832c, an extremely hot super-Earth discovered earlier this year that is believed to have the capacity to host extraterrestrial life.


Hawking hypothesizes that Alien Contact is similar to the Columbus Native American encounter.

Hawking believes that Earthlings may one day receive a signal from such a planet, but they should exercise caution when responding to any communications from extraterrestrial life. He went on to suggest that seeing an advanced alien would be similar to Columbus’ initial encounter with Native Americans. He mentioned the fact that the meeting had not gone well.


There is a chance that alien species will become murderous marauders who scour the galaxy looking for planets to plunder and conquer before colonizing them. This could mean the end of human existence on the planet.

Professor Hawking has already expressed his apprehensions about making contact with extraterrestrials. It originally appeared on the Discovery Channel in 2010 to discuss aliens destroying humanity.


Hawking also mentioned temperature increases of up to 250 degrees Celsius as a result of climate change.


Hawking has stated that as he has aged, he has become more certain than ever that humans are not alone in the universe, and he is now leading a global effort to find that out.


Hawking appears to be concerned about more than aliens wiping out life on Earth.

He also warned that if nothing is done about climate change, Earth will become as hot as Venus. He predicted that the Earth will become a “greenhouse” in which humanity would be unable to survive.

Hawking went on to discuss how President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement could make things worse. Hawking believes that the Earth has reached a tipping point and that global warming will become irreversible. Trump’s policies could push the world to the brink, with temperatures reaching 250 degrees Celsius.



Many academics disagreed with Hawking, claiming that these temperatures would not occur as it is farther from the Sun than Venus and does not have an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide like Venus.

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