“Smoking UFO” seen falling in the UK

Video footage appearing showing a UFO falling from the sky over the UK has triggered debate about its identity.
The mystery object left a thick vapour trail as it appeared to be in freefall above Bath in south-west England, reports Somerset Live.
Local resident Luke Cradock filmed it on Friday evening (UK time) and said a friend in London – about 200km away – also saw it.
Mr Cradock says the white vapour trail changed to black as the object fell closer to the ground. He also tweeted that the object could have been an aircraft in trouble.
The mystery object apparently left a white vapour trail before it turned darker, according to a witness who filmed it over England. (Supplied)
“Vid doesn’t do it justice, was in distance but looked huge, further it went down big black trail then appeared. Plane crash?”
But one expert on paranormal phenomena has suggested one theory about what the mystery object was.

Hayley Stevens says it could have been an optical illusion caused by the contrail – or vapour trail – left by a plane.

“The footage shows something which looks like an aircraft leaving a contrail behind in the sky, which is quite usual,” Ms Stevens said.
The mystery object was spotted close to the historic tourist city of Bath in south west England. (Supplied/Amy Lyall)
“The eye-witness describes it as being dark or black and I suspect that this is because it was seen when the sun was setting which means there could have been shadows cast on the aircraft or on the contrail.”
Ms Stevens says she always attempts to find rational reasons for apparent paranormal or supernatural sightings.
And in this case of the Bath UFO there is one.
The mystery object’s vapour trail turned darker as it got closer to the ground. (Supplied)
“The video doesn’t match the description from the eye-witnesses detailed account of what it looked like and how it was travelling which could be for a number of reasons,” she said.
“But quite often when we see something we don’t recognise, when we try to recall it accurately later on, we run the risk of embellishing our account of what happened, or misremembering it because of the way the brain works.”

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